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President's Message on Custom Mortgage Solutions

Posted by Michael Palladino on Nov 15, 2017 5:20:19 PM

Finex home mortgages – Improving your financial position no matter where you are in life.

custom mortgage solutionWe all need mortgages at different points of our lives.  They enable us to buy homes, restructure our debts, pay for college and transition into retirement. So, no matter where you are in your life, we realize that the mortgage relationship is one of your most important relationships. 

That is why we have spent a decade developing mortgage expertise.  Mortgage Markets CUSO (our mortgage subsidiary) has helped hundreds of members get the best mortgage deal by building a relationship with us. We are local people helping to simplify a complex process so you get a good rate, trusted advice, a great deal. Looking back at the recent mortgage crises, this type of advice may have saved many homeowners from heartbreaking losses.

Of all the many variables, your credit score is most important in determining whether you get a loan and what rate you will pay. Finex has developed an expertise in this key area as well, providing your credit score and advice to you for free. By the end of this year you will be able to download our custom credit trend app from Itunes and google play.

When you are on the go, we know that saving for a home down payment often just does not happen in time. When family responsibilities increase, we get that online refinance offers touting the lowest rates of a lifetime (for the last seven consecutive years), spur more yawns than action. And when you are in the moment trying to plan how to structure the largest debt most of us will ever have, rocketing into it with an online service just does not cut it for most members.

So we created our own product, a custom mortgage that we offer on a restricted basis. It is for members only and will be offered for the next few months. We are lowering payments and saving you money with our custom 7 year fixed rate ARM loan. The loan goes up to 97% LTV (loan to value) with no PMI (private mortgage insurance) and no points. By eliminating PMI costs, your purchasing power dramatically improves giving you more homes to consider or bigger payment savings in your pocket. Let us help you get the best deal with a great personal relationship from a local organization. It is another way Finex stays with you throughout the phases of your life.

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Michael Palladino President/CEO

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