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President's Message to First Time Homebuyers

Posted by Michael Palladino on Apr 16, 2018 6:06:06 PM

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We all can relate to the anxiety first time homebuyer's experience. This is either the result of a really bad experience we had seared into our memory or worse, watching a member of our family suffer through a complex and mysterious process that seems designed to wear you down and stress you out. Easing this painful experience was part of the reason why we actually built our own mortgage company from scratch; we wanted to develop the expertise to deliver excellent service and custom mortgage solutions despite overbearing government documentation and regulation edicts.

That company, Mortgage Markets CUSO, started in 2003 and has helped hundreds of new members to structure the best deal for them. We are local people helping members to simplify a complex process and get a good rate, but most importantly, get you trusted customized advice on the hundreds of product choices available so you get the best deal. So, if you want to know whether FHA, CHFA, conventional or custom products are the right fit for you, come to an organization you can trust. After 70 years as a not-for-profit credit union and a decade steering our mortgage company through a real estate centered financial crisis, we have seen it all.

No matter where you are in your life, we realize that the mortgage relationship is one of your most important relationships. When you are on the go, we know that saving for a home down payment often just does not happen. And when you are in the moment trying to plan how to structure the largest debt most of us will ever have, we believe that rocketing into it with an online service just does not cut it for most members. It just makes overwhelming common sense to go with a trusted local source with all the product options you need. An organization that is dedicated to your long-term happiness. One that wants to not just help you get a mortgage, but to build a solid financial future.

Now is a great time to talk with us. We are hosting a series of credit seminars to explain how to build your credit and simplify mysterious mortgage terminology like PMI, debt to income ratios, FICO scores, LTV pricing and loan level adjustment add-ons. Let us help you get the best deal with a personal relationship from a local organization. It is another way Finex stays with you throughout the phases of your life.

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Michael Palladino President/CEO

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